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Put our expertise to work for you. At Kingdom University International Church, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the Wilson and Raleigh communities.
Men's Ministry
Teaching men to be real men of God, as God ordained them to walk in His ways as priests and leaders of the home and church.
Women's Ministry
Encouraging women through this ministry by giving support and words of consolation as the spirit leads. In addition to insight in all areas of life, this ministry promotes guidance and nurture personal growth and elevation, as it pertains to women.
Praise & Worship Ministry
Teaching and instructing men and women in an attempt to help members view social skills in singing together in combining different vocal ranges. It also teaches members the importance of this ministry in creating an atmosphere which is conducive and welcoming to the presence of God.
Kingdom University International Church Ministries
Assisting individuals that have experienced substance, sexual, physical, and /or emotional abuse. It also teaches them how to gain strength through and by the anointing of God and how to walk as a victor and not a victim through their personal testimony.
Prison Ministry
Youth Ministry
Supporting prison ministry's mission and purpose is to assist local pastors and prison ministry team workers to gain access to prisons. Bringing hope and encouragement to those within prison walls.
Equipping children with the basic and fundamental studies of Christianity, knowledge of the Bible, and the importance of a personal relationship with God through direct communication in prayer.
This ministry is designed to create a pathway to ignite consciousness that leads to self-discovery of a strong foundation of servitude in our communities, homes, and ministry.
This ministry seeks to inform the congregation about and promote the interest and support for world missions, relationships, and affiliations with outside organizations. It shall be aware of opportunities within the community for service to people with special 
needs and problems, and shall seek to elicit the interest and support of members of the congregation
 in responding to those in need.  It shall also sponsor consideration within the church's program of moral 
and social concerns, in an attempt to help members view social issues from a Christian perspective and
 act out of informed and sensitive consciences. This includes: street ministry, home biblical studies and prayer, prison ministry, and tent revivals.
Leadership Ministry
  Evangelism Outreach Ministry
Support Groups
  Community Outreach Ministry
Promoting and supporting local and worldwide missions; including, but not limited to helping shelter, feed, clothe and employ the homeless, hospital and rest home visitations, collaborating with local officials, Red Cross, and other parts of the government to further provide assistance to the community.
Family Life Ministry

Teaching the importance of family life and the
 building of family values to bring families closer
 together in the  spirit of unity and in love,
 including family related  worshops, marriage
 conferences, and family counseling with the
 pastor to build stronger foundations in the home.
Radio & Television Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the surrounding communities and throughout the world; in addition to teaching people how to walk into the anointing to strengthen their lives. 
Living in a world of hurting women, and just as Jesus compassionately loved those who were suffering, so can we. I Am My Sister's Keeper ministry was birthed in 2012 and has hosted its conferences in various regions. 

I Am My Sister's Keeper tenderly addresses issues such as broken relationships, forgiveness, loneliness, hurt, hopelessness, fear and shame to name a few.

The love of Jesus pours out though His followers, and through our transparency with one another, hurting women are empowered, liberated, and restored in overcoming painful circumstances.

"God Still Heals Wounded Women"- Senior Pastor Kistern Artis
   I Am My Sister's Keeper (IAMSK)
We are a church that is founded on the principles of the Gospel. Our mission is to equip and educate this generation with the knowledge to produce, cultivate and sustain and empower all generations.